The Ultimate VideoSumo Review : Is It legit or a Big Scam ?

Introduction to Our VideoSumo Review

Is VideoSumo a scam?

In the battle to gain online traffic that will definitely lead to actual conversions, it makes sense to look for something that will give you some semblance of an edge.

This is where the idea of VideoSumo becomes appealing. It has already generated a number of VideoSumo reviews, and many of them have been overwhelmingly positive. As long as you have engaging content, ideas, and products/services, you can take advantage of everything this product brings to the table.

You can learn more by visiting, but check out our VideoSumo review first. We’re going to cut through the hype surrounding this product. Let’s find out in no uncertain terms whether or not VideoSumo is legit, or if it’s just another enormous waste of time and money.

We all want to climb to the top of Google, and we want to generate as much traffic as possible for our websites/stores/etc. This product makes some pretty big promises for both of those goals, while also promising to be incredibly easy-to-use. Does it deliver?

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What exactly is VideoSumo, anyway?

In the first place, understand that VideoSumo is an app. Visiting, you will find that the entire experience is web-based. This impressive app is designed to be useful to just about anyone. Regardless of your niche, if you need to rank higher on Google, while also getting traffic that actually generates sales, this app promises it can help you.


VideoSumo Features and Characteristics

Let’s take a look at some of the features. As you read through this part of the VideoSumo review, try to imagine whether or not these features could be of use to you:


  • No need to install anything: As we mentioned before, this app is entirely web-based. You don’t need to install a thing. You simply fire up the app and get to work.
  • VS Create: In this day and age, videos are a powerhouse way to not only generate meaningful attention for your website/store, but it’s also a good way to rank well on sites like Google. Unfortunately, some people just can’t create videos that satisfy their needs. This is where the VS Create feature comes into play. Rather than try to build something from scratch, VS Create allows you to take advantage of VideoSumo’s integrated video builder.
  • Finding keywords: The better you understand the keywords relevant to your niche, the better your odds are of ranking high on Google. The problem can be figuring out which keywords are going to be the most effective.
  • VideoSumo reviews praise this feature in particular, as VS makes it really easy to get the keywords and any related data, and we would have to agree with them.
  • Competitor spy: Being able to analyze and reverse-engineer the videos your competitors making can be invaluable. No one is telling you to do the exact same thing. Nonetheless, VideoSumo makes it incredibly easy to get a sense of why your competitors might be pulling ahead of you.
  • Rank Data Generator: This is another element to our VideoSumo review that is worth taking seriously. Downloadable titles, descriptions, and even tags will be easy to use and understand through this app.


As you can see, when someone asks “Is VideoSumo a scam?”, the features alone should tell you that might not be the case. At the same time, features are only so useful, if the whole thing isn’t very much fun to use. This is another area where VideoSumo can’t help but impress you a bit.


How to use VideoSumo ?

If it’s not easy to use, then it isn’t going to be very useful. VS obviously has the features to get you interested in what it has to offer, but how does it all actually work?


  • Punch in your keywords, and hit the research button. VS will then take related phrases and words from places like YouTube and Google.
  • The traffic light system comes into play here. This system is designed to make it easy to see which keywords are your best bet. In other words, if the light is green, then you’re good to go.
  • VS can also deliver the keyword-specific ranking factors that you will need to keep in mind.
  • At this point, you should have the insights you need to rank higher on Google than ever before.


Is it really that simple? Absolutely. Beyond this VideoSumo review, consider reading some VideoSumo reviews from people who have actually used this app. Virtually across the board, VideoSumo is earning raves from people who never fully understood how to utilize things like YouTube and SEO keywords. It is worth repeating as well that just about anyone can take advantage of what has to offer.

Can Anyone Really Get Results With It?

Whether you are a business owner, an affiliate, an eCom marketer, or a video marketer, you can make this app work for you. SEO marketers will want to pay close attention to everything VideoSumo features, as well. Experienced professionals are going to love the fact that VS cuts through the nonsense, and gives them exactly what they need, when they need. Newcomers to all of this will love that, too, but with the added bonus of discovering that someone has finally made an app of this type for newcomers and veteran business individuals alike.

Just remember that data such as this can naturally change. New keywords can crop up. A national news event can have people searching frantically for something that might just bring them your way. There are a number of different scenarios in which VS should be put to work. It is pretty clear to us that VS wants you to come back as often as possible. That certainly seems fair, since you are ultimately going to be responsible for staying at the top of websites like Google.


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VideoSumo Pros & Cons

What are the big advantages of VideoSumo?

There are a lot of pros in the VS corner, to be sure. VideoSumo benefits greatly from being easy to use, while giving you comprehensive ranking data extraction tools. This fully-supported app promises rapid responses to any questions you may. We also love the fact that it is possible to create a YouTube video in literally minutes.


What are the main cons of VideoSumo ?

In terms of everything VS offers, we really don’t have any complaints. The features that make up VS are well-made, easy-to-use, and beneficial on a number of different levels.

The only issue that really springs to mind is what VideoSumo lacks. It may seem a little odd to dwell on that, but the lack of data-tracking ability is very noticeable in certain regards. For example, you can’t track the data in such a way that you can see which videos are gaining clicks, viewers, and then customers.

Ultimately, this won’t be a deal breaker for most. Yet you can’t deny that if VideoSumo had this feature, they would be unstoppable.

VS User Experience

The overall VideoSumo user experience is extremely positive. If we were to sum up everything in this VideoSumo review, it would have to be the following user experience benefits:

  • Incredibly user-friendly: This is the first thing to keep in mind. You do not have to be an expert at making videos, or anything else, in order to take advantage of the VS app. You are going to be up and running in hardly any time at all.
  • Create videos with ease: Not only are you going to be able to create videos, but you are going to have the ability to create amazing, professional-grade videos.
  • Analyze your competitors: You will be able to analyze your competitors in any imaginable niche.


Final Verdict

Another area in which VideoSumo reviews seem to agree? The price is extremely reasonable. Currently, you can take advantage of everything VS has to offer for just seventeen bucks. Keep in mind that this is a special temporary discount. Once the discount period has passed, the price is going to go up to $37. You can cancel at any point within a thirty-day period of purchasing VideoSumo. Furthermore, you can pay with such options as PayPal and credit card.

Keeping the 30 day VS trial period in mind, you really have nothing to lose by trying this out for yourself. To be sure, if you don’t see results almost immediately, then it is perhaps possible that this app isn’t for you. However, the odds of that happening are extremely unlikely.

As we mentioned before, virtually every review on the planet for this app has been positive. People who have high quality content are doing some very impressive things with VideoSumo.

That is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind. This is not going to magically create content for you. However, with the ranking information and other facets of the app, it can certainly move your creative thinking in a different direction. As far as the video features are concerned, don’t be afraid to play around a bit. While you will be creating memorable, engaging videos in hardly any time at all, don’t feel like you have to do this the first time around


Visit VideoSumo Official Website

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9.5 Total Score
VideoSumo Is Excellent !

  • Easy to use
  • - Ranking Tracking
  • - Create Video In Minute Without hassles, any video editing skills and experience needed
  • - Gain Google Page #1
  • - Great Customer support
  • lack of data-tracking ability is very noticeable in certain regards.
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