The Ultimate Profiteer Review : Is It Good Or a Scam ?

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Is Profiteer a scam ?

Profiteer is an online course developed for digital entrepreneurs and those who wish to start making money online. The entire course has been created by Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton. The quintessence of the concept is not exactly revolutionary. Similar concepts have been proven to be extremely successful in other industries over the years, centuries rather. However, this is perhaps the first time a full suite of services is being made available to aspiring entrepreneurs and digital businesses to capitalize on the omnipresence of the galactic network, now known as the internet or worldwide web.

What is Profiteer?

Profiteer or profiteering is generally frowned upon. If you consider the literal meaning of profiteer or profiteering, then it is certainly not flattering. Profiteering is making or seeking unfair or excessive profit which can be against the basic tenets of the law. Historically, profiteering has been looked down upon and it was also illegal in many societies. This was mostly when nations were ruled by royalties. Capitalism has most definitely changed that. Profiteering is not a crime and anyone who is a profiteer is simply an entrepreneur pursuing a financial objective. Effectively, if you are wondering is Profiteer a scam, you can rest assured that it is not, that you are absolutely permitted by law to monetize the system and you are definitely not compromising on any noble or righteous principles to achieve financial success.


There was a time during the gold rush when many smart entrepreneurs started making shovels and they used to sell the essential tools at a premium price. There was an unprecedented demand for shovels. These industrialists and also the traders and sellers by extension were not literally digging for gold but they saw an opportunity and explored it to the maxim to mint money. Whether or not the explorations succeeded in finding gold, these companies got to sell their inventory and became rich. These were perhaps the first profiteers in independent America and possibly in modern history. Even today, many industries are effectively profiteering and it is at times due to monopoly, exclusivity or lack of competition, special expertise or unprecedented demand and limited supply. Various factors are at play in every scenario where someone wants to be a profiteer. This is where Profiteer comes in with it fast profit engines.

Profiteer Fast Profit Engines

Profiteer is a comprehensive training program that would familiarize you with Fast Profit Engines. These would enable you to flip websites. This is not very different from flipping houses or similar real estate deals but this virtual version requires much less investment and generates substantial profits within a short turnaround time. The technical requisites are also quite reasonable so the program would suit anyone who has the intent and are willing to put their time and effort.

The World of Profiteer

Profiteer has a software, a series of training videos, case studies and checklist among other resources. The software is a plug-in that would automate the entire process of flipping websites for a profit. There are sixteen videos that provide a stepwise guide illustrating every process involved in building and flipping websites. The videos are simple and comprehensive. Anyone familiar with the worldwide web and somewhat aware of how search engines, online advertising and social media would be capable of easily grasping the crux of the entire training program and there are supporting resources to take care of everything. It is even possible to outsource the whole process without really playing a proactive or even an active part.


The training program details all the phases of developing a full website. The software plays a key role in this. The course also highlights the ways to develop quality content for the website. This website can be old outright. Existing websites can be flipped in a few steps. The low cost entry to get trained and embark on this entrepreneurial journey does make Profiteer relevant for anyone who wishes to explore new age industries like fast profit engines among others. Access to Profiteer also includes case studies of websites that have been built, flipped and sold using the entire program, a checklist that would further simplify and showcase the whole process from the beginning to its completion, there is an exclusive area for members, an active community & coaching group of Jason Fulton on Facebook and the product beta testing group of Mosh Bari.

Profiteer Review

There are several onetime only offers and down-sells available right now. DFY or done for you Profiteer campaigns are normally priced at $37 but you can now sign up for $17. This is the basic access package. There are all the essential resources and of course full access to the Profiteer platform. You get to attend the entire training course but you do not get any special privileges. It should be noted that the done for you campaigns are not generic or standard. They are specific for students or aspiring entrepreneurs.


The second onetime only offer is for Advanced Profiteer Tactics that is usually priced at $47 but it is available now at $27. This upgraded access come with advanced tactics. These can be crucial if anyone is interested to scale up their income and for shorter turnaround times. It is expected for many people to take advantage of the Profiteer platform so most would have similar tools and resources at their disposal. What would segregate the best from the rest would be personal skills and advanced tactics. This is where the upgrade becomes relevant.


The third onetime only offer is Set This Up On Autopilot. This is usually available at $67 but you can sign up now for $37. This is where the whole process becomes automated. Not only do entrepreneurs get access to the whole training program including case studies, community, exclusive area for members, product beta testing group and advanced tactics but complete automation too. Everything is effectively outsourced. This works well for those who are already busy with prevailing commitments. Automation frees up more time, streamlines various processes and one can effectively make more money through multiple avenues.


The fourth onetime only offer is about license rights, usually priced at $97 but now available for $47. This program allows members to sell Profiteer as their product and can keep all the revenue generated through their funnel. This effectively makes Profiteer a multilevel marketing program. This could seem to be a grey area but there is good reason to explore the other options, especially the full access to the training program without any upgrades or specials wherein the cost of entry is reasonable and anyone can get familiarized with the platform.

Profiting with Profiteer

Profiteer has some promise. Anyone who is already familiar with website development and has been into reselling whether domains or websites would definitely have a penchant for the kind of premise Profiteer operates in. The training videos are useful so those who have a knack for digital enterprises would get a head start. The course is not complicatedly technical so nontechnical professionals can also consider the program and can definitely monetize, albeit a bit of automation would be necessary and hence the upgrades will have to be considered.


The license rights will appeal to everyone who has benefited from multilevel marketing programs in the past. The license rights essentially does not constitute to be a multilevel marketing concept or pyramid scheme since you are not referring others or only earning revenue when you get to sell the license. It is the revenue through the particular funnel set up that is completely your commissions to keep. Automation, advanced tactics, outsourcing the various processes and license rights do provide enough opportunity to grow in this business.


Profiteer reviews of experts and those who have actually used the platform to build, flip and sell websites would be somewhat different since personal expertise and experience would come at play. Profiteer is not without its wrinkles. There is a need for traffic. The program does not spell out at the outset how you would generate the traffic so you may need some bonuses and other strategies to acquire traction. The absence of traffic would make the whole building, flipping and selling website a nonstarter. Fast profit engines or any website that is being flipped will only garner attention when there is something worthwhile and that would be the case when enough people are interested. Only content will appeal to only a few people and that would definitely not drive larger interest or help entrepreneurs have a windfall gain while selling the websites.

Profiteer has potential. The premise is promising. Anyone can start making money online with this program but how much one shall make will depend on the facilitating factors. It is not a turnkey solution per se. The software is utilitarian and simple. There is no coding necessary. Building a website and then flipping it is also quite easy and swift. Cost of entry is reasonable. It is expected for the platform to make available some more resources including bonuses in due course of time so keep an eye out.

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