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Avoiding March Madness

Guest author Maureen P. Tillman has some valuable advice as high schools students meet with their guidance counselors this time of year to discuss their fall schedules. more

Scitable: A Collaborative Learning Space for Science

A free science library and personal learning tool brought to you by Nature Publishing Group, the world's leading publisher of science. more

Video Games: Good or Bad? New Research and Some Handy Guidelines

Recent research and guidelines from University of Michigan offer some help in answering parental concerns around video games and kids. more

Unveiling the Beauty of Statistics

Video (Economics & Business) — Swedish professor, Hans Rosling, and his organization, Gapminder, have carved a niche for themselves for their ability to wow people with easy-to-understand graphic and interactive representations of world... more

Psyched Out By Stereotypes: Research Suggests Thinking About The Positive — Coincidentally, this reinforces a view expressed in a SmartBean article earlier today, about the negative effect of myths and stereotypes on girls’ interest and ability in math in middle... more

Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail

 by Danica McKellar
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Read this SmartBean article on the STEM gender gap and watch an interview with TV actress-turned-author Danica McKellar as she describes her efforts to deal with this issue. Also... more

Girls & Math: Shattering the Stereotype

Video (High School) — There are several initiatives underway devoted to promoting an interest in STEM among girls in the US. Actress Danica McKellar, now also a Math author and education activist for girls is doing her bit. Her books are a hit with girls in middle school! more

Time travel anyone? … and let’s build a pyramid while we’re at it

"Time Engineers" is an interesting computer simulation game for kids between the ages of 7-17. The premise is novel - the kids travel back in time to solve engineering problems in three different eras. Science and Math concepts are woven into the playing of the game. more

World Digital Library

The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world. more

Math in the Movies

‘Math in the Movies’ may be a much more compelling rationale to motivate children to learn and enjoy math than the oft-used ‘math in everyday life’ one. In this Science... more

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