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BBC Wildlife Finder

September 28, 2009
BBC Wildlife Finder

BBC Wildlife Finder

“Marvel at the stealth of a snow leopard, the tenderness of a mother tiger and the awesome spectacle of a golden eagle in flight. Listen to the thrilling sound of lions roaring across the savannah and to birds that mimic machinery.”

On BBC’s recently launched BBC Wildlife Finder site, you can journey with Sir David Attenborough as he shares his favourite moments from the last 30 years of wildlife film making. BBC’s invaluable archive contains a wealth of video, sound, stories and breaking news on the animal kingdom.

This amazing resource can be browsed by searching on animals, where they live, or how they live, or via the various ecozones on planet earth such as Australasia, Antarctica, Afrotropics, Indo-Malay, Nearctic, Neotropical, Oceania and Palaearctic.

This is a superb science resource for kids, parents and teachers!



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