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We Choose The Moon – experience the first moon landing online

July 20, 2009

lunar-landing-1aToday marks the 40th anniversary of that momentous “small step for man …”. Wechoosethemoon.org is a unique online recreation of that historic event – in real-time no less.

The flash-based site combines audio transcripts and video archives with social media. The site came to life on 16 July at precisely the time the Saturn V rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral carrying the Apollo astronauts. Since then, the deployment of each stage has been faithfully recreated. The astronauts are currently orbiting the moon in preparation of the landing of the lunar module.

On the social media front there are three twitter accounts to individually follow Mission Control at Houston, the Lunar Module, and the Apollo 11 spacecraft – to follow the mission. In addition there are widgets for your Facebook or MySpace page as well as a desktop application.

The site has been built jointly by JFK Presidential library and AOL. The site is named for a memorable quote from a famous speech by President Kennedy. The site will remain up, post this anniversary.

A few other related sites:

  • The Guardian’s site to commemorate the event.
  • The New Scientist pinpoints all the various landing on the moon (both manned and unmanned) in this interactive map.


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