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Will The Ex Factor Guide really give you the edge you’ve been looking for? Is The Ex Factor Guide a scam? The more you learn about The Ex Factor Guide, the more impressed you will likely be. At the same time, all of the benefits of this program as something that is too good to be true. It is likely that you’ve tried tricks and programs in the past and didn’t get the results you were looking for.


This is where our The Ex Factor Guide review, as well as other The Ex Factor Guide reviews, can come in handy. The more you learn about the potential of this program, the easier it will be to understand that The Ex Factor Guide is most certainly for real!

What is the Ex Factor Guide ?

The Ex Factor Guide is a program written by Brad Browning that tries to instruct its readers on how to get back with their ex-girlfriend. It professes​ to have a success rate of 90%, but this is a bit suspicious.

For starters, The Ez Factor Guide barely discusses any reasons why you may want to get back with your girlfriend in the first place, and whether or not actually getting back together would be good for either of you.

It’s natural to feel lost when a relationship doesn’t end mutually​. You’ll want to do whatever it takes to get it back, but you need to try and analyze​ why the relationship​ broke down in the first place; it may have had some severe problems.

Breakups are emotional situations, and as such, they can make it hard for you to look at the relationship​ logically, but you need to before you go jumping back into it. As such, the best thing you can do for yourself​ is to spend​ some time alone.

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The Ex Factor Topic #1 : Being Alone

To be fair, this is something that Browning covers. He tells you to take a 31-day “cooling off” period, which entails you not contacting your ex for basically a month. This can be hard to do, but it’s necessary.

In the book, Browning suggests that you spend time hanging out with your friends and, better yet, other girls. This is good advice. You don’t want to be sitting around dwelling on the breakup if it’s not productive to you figuring out what went wrong. Hanging out also keeps you from trying to contact your ex, and dating others is a good way for you to see that there are, in fact, other girls out there for you.

The book gives a few details about how to pull this off and also gives some tips on how to avoid contacting your girlfriend​, but in the end, this method relies on your willpower. The book doesn’t, however, give you any advice on how you start dating other women, which is one of the most important aspects behind the advice.

ex factor guide review

The Ex Factor Topic #2: Make your Girlfriend Jealous​

This is the core of the book–the main reason that it exists​. The idea behind the program’s 31-day plan of no contact​ is to make​ it so that your girlfriend misses you​ and thinks that you’ve simply moved on. You date other women and find covert ways to let your girlfriend​ know about it to drive home making her as jealous​ as possible. If you aren’t able to date other women, then you’re supposed to lie about it. All roads lead back to manipulating​ your ex back into a “relationship​.” In this way, a​ lot of the advice of the program​ relies on tricks and deceit​. This will make things even worse between you and your ex if she finds out about it.​ With that being said, these tactics do have the potential​ to make her jealous if she believes them to be true. It can be useful for sparking her interest in you again if the reason she broke it off was due to a lack of attraction, but if the relationship failed for any other reason, the advice doesn’t work.

The book also gives you some tips on how to compel​ your ex to meet with you after the 31-day probation​, ​and how to handle yourself during the meet. These tips are pretty good when it comes to the jealousy​ route​. It’s up to you to decide​ whether or not you truly want to go this route to win your ex back, but you should know that it can come with irreparable consequences​ if you’re found out.

ex factor guide review

The Ex Factor Topic #3: What Was the Reason the Relationship Ended?

The biggest weakness the book has is that it doesn’t go over the possible​ reasons a relationship may have​ ended. In fact, it addresses​ that many different reasons​ exist but that the root of all of ​them is that your ex​ simply wasn’t attracted to you anymore. To be blunt: this makes absolutely no sense, and yet everything in the book revolves around this notion. It’s the reason why it relies on the idea of making your ex jealous to get her back: women are attracted to men other women happen to be attracted to.

While that part is true, the book goes out of its way to dismiss the fact that your ex may have ended the relationship for other reasons. For example, if your girlfriend discovered you were cheating on her, then she more than likely broke the relationship off because​ she couldn’t trust you anymore, not because she wasn’t attracted to you. So, by going around and dating other women in order to make her jealous, you would obviously​ be making the situation with her a whole lot worse.

Financial​ issues can also be a big reason couples break up​–especially when it comes to marriages​. You’re ex-fiance​​/girlfriend would have more than likely​ told you that this was the reason she was breaking it off too. So you would know that going around trying to make her jealous​ with other girls is either pointless or just a way for you to hurt her. Either way, it isn’t going to repair your relationship.

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This is why you need to be able to sit down with​ yourself after and determine why the breakup happened in the first place. If your​ girlfriend really just got bored with you​ and lost her attraction, then yes, this guide can be a helpful read. If the breakup happened​ for any other reason, then you may want to invest in a different guide.

The book claims that once you’ve managed to get your ex to sleep with you, then you’ve succeeded​ in winning her back. But this isn’t really true. Sex is not a proclamation​ that your relationship is back on track. It could just be sex.

Browning does sort of point this out by suggesting that you give your ex the impression​ that there are other girls in your life, and then hope that your ex possibly brings up the idea of getting​ back together because​ of it. However, this process ignores the necessity​ of actually getting together and discussing what went wrong with the relationship ​to begin with and what you can do to fix it moving forward (it also relies on you being reactive​ rather than proactive​).

It’s not practical to think that someone can give you advice for every reason you break up with a girl​ but it would have helped the book to acknowledge and address a few possible issues unrelated​ to “attraction.” By not doing this, it basically guarantees​ that the problems that caused the relationship to break down​ are going to arise again, even if you​ do get back together​.

A complaint that some women have for their men is that they’re emotionally unavailable​–incapable of talking about their relationship–and this is something the book doesn’t cover (among other things). The gist is that you can’t fix something if you don’t know why it’s broken. You need to know why your ex is unhappy and what exactly she wants out of the relationship. Once you do, then you can work on repairing things.

ex factor guide review

Conclusion of our Ex Factor Review

It is really possible to get your ex back and reverse your painful breakup. However, you need a strong knowledge to do that. This is where Brad’s guide The Ex Factor guide comes in play.

Brad Browning included some powerful techniques in The Ex Factor Guide. I would like to warn you to don’t apply these powerful techniques on anyone except the one you love the most in your life and want to create long-lasting relationship.

The book is incomplete for what it wants to be. It barely offers anything on relationships and focuses more on getting laid. There are also many different sections that offer incomplete advice.

For example, the book stresses the importance of being confident and claims there’s​ a difference​ between being told to be confident and actually achieving​ it, but then it doesn’t offer any advice on how to actually be confident.

It tells you to be a leader​ and informs you that there’s a ton of books about how to, but it doesn’t suggest any specific books for you to read. In fact, it doesn’t recommend anything on the topic at all.

On top of incomplete advice, it also suggests “negging” as a way for getting your relationship back on track. “Negging,” for those of you​ who don’t know, is paying someone a backhanded (possibly flirtatious​) compliment​ to hurt their confidence and seek out your approval. It’s borderline (if not actual) emotional abuse. You wouldn’t use this method on any woman if you were looking for intimacy​.

The book also claims that calling a girl dirty names while sleeping with her is good advice. It’s not. Dirty talk is the equivalent of a fetish, some girls like it, some girls don’t. It can offend some girls when it’s just thrown out without warning, and it’s probably the worse idea you can have if you’re sleeping with your ex for the first​ time after a breakup.

All and all, if you’re able to distinguish​ the good advice from the bad, the book may be of some use to you. But like we said, The Ez Factor Guide focuses mainly on lack of attraction as the primary reason for a relationship ending, so it’s good to have some knowledge as to why you experienced a breakup before buying.


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