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Articles and links on issues of 21st century parenting - how to be an engaged parent and raise smart children

How Dads Influence Their Daughters’ Interest In Math

sciencedaily.com — "Fathers' gender stereotypes are very important in supporting—or in undermining—daughters' choices to pursue training in math and science." This 2007 article from Science Daily underscores the importance of the father's role in the degree of interest his daughter(s) develop in math. more

For Indian Kids, ‘a World Beyond Harry Potter’

washingtonpost.com — For better or worse, over the decades, Indian children have been more familiar with English books written by non-Indian authors. Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys may have given way to Harry Potter these days, but ask an Indian kid who they like to read and you would be hard-pressed to get the name of an Indian author. Some of this is changing though. more

Schools Kill Creativity

Video (Elementary School) — "Creativity now, in education, is as important as literacy." Sir Ken Robinson's landmark TED Talk (2006) on creativity is a must-watch for every parent. In it he makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. more

Use science to convince teens a sober prom is better, AAAS says

eurekalert.org“Assume that your child will be tempted to drink alcohol at the end of the school year, advises the Science Inside Alcohol Project of the American Association for the Advancement... more

Exposure To Two Languages Carries Far-reaching Benefits

A study at Northwestern University seems to indicate that there are real benefits in raising bilingual children. This should come as a relief to parents who are sometimes in a dilemma whether to encourage their kids to speak in English, the language of instruction at school, or in their native languages that are other than English. more

“Free Play” in children and teens vital to their social development

Most of us parents would assume that this is just common sense - plain and simple, but now it's backed by research too! Developmental psychologists at the Boston College have conducted a study that affirms the importance of "free play" among kids and teens in their social development. Play and humor are vital ingredients in developing an egalitarian attitude and a sense of co-operation and sharing. more

When Alfie Kohn says Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job!”…

Alfie Kohn is no stranger to education and parenting circles. His website is a goldmine of good articles for parents and educators. Among them is this gem (from September 2001) on the not-so-positive effects of positive reinforcement - in particular, the overuse, and often misplaced use, of the oft-heard phrase "Good Job!" more

What Makes Children Read?

A news story from the U.K. about the current state of reading among children in schools. The article points out that, notwithstanding the success of the children's book market in the U.K., reading among children is not as widespread as might be imagined. Some tips to jumpstart the reading habit among young kids are offered in the article. more

Unlucky Arithmetic: Thirteen Ways to Raise a Nonreader

A tongue-in-cheek list by Horn Book’s Dean Schneider and Robin Smith of the of thirteen things you absolutely must do if you want your child to be a... more

Perkiomen Valley schools go on Twitter

philly.com — Perkiomen Valley School District in Pennsylvania is using Twitter as an communication channel to reach out to parents and students. more

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