AZ Sniper Review : Is It Good or A Big Scam ?

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Is AZ Sniper a scam?

In times like these when there are too many turnkey solutions promising overnight riches and fly by night operators, one has to be extremely diligent and proactively cautious of every step before purchasing or signing up for any program. AZ Sniper is one more get rich quick scheme joining the likes of AZ Formula and AZ Code, eCom Profit Sniper, Tube Profit Sniper, Kindle Sniper, Crypto Coin Sniper, Club 365 and Daily Cash Siphon. These are not identical programs but there are more similarities among these concepts than differences.


You may have come across AZ Sniper and its tall promises. The promoter of the program claims that you can make thousands of dollars a day. He goes on to quote in the introductory video that you can actually make forty thousand dollars a week. There are other banner advertisements online that peg the earnings at over sixty thousand dollars in six weeks. Almost all promotional campaigns promise new members an earning potential of nearly fifteen hundred dollars every day and this is straightaway after the unbelievably convenient ten minutes setup. All of it sounds too good to be true so let us carry out a comprehensive AZ Sniper review to dig out the truth.

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Overview of AZ Sniper

The official website of AZ Sniper is The owner and promoter of the program is Stephen Ford. It should be noted that the website does not have a profile of Stephen Ford. He speaks in the video that introduces prospective members and the rest of the world to the program but he does not show up anywhere. No one really knows who Stephen Ford is. No one knows if that is his real name or if there is any one individual running the program.

AZ Sniper is apparently an Amazon affiliate program. This has nothing to do with Amazon directly. Amazon has not officially approved any such program nor is it in any direct association with AZ Sniper to power its affiliate program. Just as anyone can become an Amazon affiliate with the requisite details, AZ Sniper explores the same premise and offers an earning potential to those interested. Signing up for the program costs $37. You may get a markdown and pay $17. There are up sells immediately after you sign up so do not expect to get started at $17 or $37. You will have to pay much more to actually get started with the entire system.

What is AZ Sniper

AZ Sniper is introduced as a turnkey solution. The system apparently automates everything there is to be done to earn commissions as an affiliate through Amazon. This is not unique by miles. The claim is not even imaginative or creative. Thousands of websites exist today promoting hundreds of such programs. All such programs claim to have a similar system that will automate everything for just about anyone and enable everyone to earn thousands of dollars every month and potentially half a million dollars or more in a year. Every member, so the site claims, can start earning money from the very next day. The system takes only ten minutes to be set up in place and there is a joyride awaiting the members to earn handsome commissions or to rake in profits that will finance the ever elusive privileged and financially independent lifestyle.

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The introductory video on the landing page of the official website of AZ Sniper, which is also the sales pitch of the owner and promoter Stephen Ford, says that Amazon is the larger ecommerce platform today and it is the most rewarding marketplace for affiliates. There is no reason to doubt such claims because they are facts. Amazon is actually the most valuable company among ecommerce brands. It is second only to Apple among all valuable companies, cutting across industry and geography. The problem with the introductory sales video is that the presenter speaks nothing about the actual system that can help anyone make more than a thousand bucks a day. The video does not talk about affiliate programs, there are no secrets shared to make more money, the system itself is clouded in mystery and there are only claims without any evidential backing.

Red Flags in our AZ Sniper Review

While no one can really find anything substantial in the sales pitch to be adequately convinced to try the program or even be lucid about how it works, there are enough red flags to be truly worried about the credibility of the entire system and if at all the scheme is worth a short. Let us explore some of the most obvious and also embarrassing red flags that the developers of the program should have taken care of before going live with the website or their marketing endeavors.


  • The claims are not hyped. They are perhaps overhyped. There is no system in this world that can help anyone earn forty thousand to sixty thousand dollars a month without any training whatsoever. The only way one can earn that much is buy a few lottery tickets and hope to hit the jackpot. Amazon affiliates do make a lot of money but only a few of them and they are the best there is in this business. It is not easy to make a lot of money on Amazon, as an affiliate or otherwise. There is fierce competition. AZ Sniper claims that one does not need any experience or expertise. This is where the claims appear to be completely unfounded. One does not have to be a programmer or coder, website designer or a marketing maverick to get started with an Amazon affiliate network. However, one does have to work and one has to develop a comprehensive understand of how everything happens. An automated system means zilch when the program does not talk about what exactly it is that the apparatus is automating.


  • AZ Sniper has no information on the landing page or elsewhere online that clearly states what the new members are expected to. If it is an automated affiliate program, then there should be some instructional guide showing how a member will get started, what the processes are to crack the first sale or to start generating revenue, how it shall be sustained and other essential follow-ups. Members or rather interested people are simply expected to sign up without knowing anything, part with their thirty seven bucks and hope to get something that they may be interested in. This is as ridiculous as all other similar programs get. Why should anyone simply believe the claims made in a video online presented by someone they do not know and how would not even show up with their real identity and face?

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  • To make matters worse, AZ Sniper comes up with testimonials from people who the website claims are members but those videos are fake and so are those people. The people who are seen endorsing the product or the program are actually freelancers and they get paid for making videos such as the testimonials. They are just actors. No one can blame them for doing something and earning a bit of money. At least they are showing up and doing what they are being asked to do. As strange as it may sound, the same people have actually made similar videos for programs similar to AZ Sniper.


  • There are many other red flags. The up sells are definitely concerning. There are advertisements available online wherein AZ Sniper claims to offer commissions close to three hundred bucks for new members. These commissions are offered straightaway after new members or affiliates sign up through the registered members or affiliates. This clearly means there is much more money than then thirty seven bucks that must be paid upfront to get started. There should be up sells worth over three hundred dollars to be able to pay the two hundred and eighty seven dollars to registered members or affiliates for new recruits. AZ Sniper even mentions in its terms that the emails of new members or affiliates will be shared with coaching partners, clearly paving the way for a sustained bombardment of offers, from up sells to absolutely unrelated newsletters or messages.

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Conclusion of our AZ Sniper Review

AZ sniper has no security certificate. There are no contact details that can be used to find out more about the program. There is a money back guarantee, which is perhaps the only assuring aspect of the whole proposition but one does not really know if the pledge shall be honored. The premise is not really a scam. Amazon affiliate programs are real. There can be smart systems that empower affiliates or marketers to make more money. There are actually programs that serve such purposes. However, AZ Sniper does not seem to explain if it caters to such purposes and if so then how. It is difficult to ascertain is AZ Sniper a scam but it is definitely not a lucid program with everything explained at the outset. There are more answered questions and red flags than the gamut of information provided.

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